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Get ready for the most fun and unique pickleball experience you will ever attend.

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- Innovative and creative drills you have never experienced before
- The coaching trifecta: A perfect synergy of guides who will surely make you laugh, have a good time and take your game to the next level
- Our home base is in the beautiful state of Washington- Come visit us in San Juan Islands and Ravensdale, WA.
- Got a group, we can set up The Pickleball Experience at a court near you . CONTACT US and let's figure out the logistics.


Make friends, have fun.

Oh, and get better at Pickleball. 

What is the Pickleball Experience?

We’ll do our best to explain… 

We believe there is more to Pickleball than just getting better. Pickleball to us is…an experience. It is people of all walks of life coming together to play, to grow, to laugh, to fail, to compete, to connect, to create, to experiment, to exercise, to learn, to celebrate mind, body and spirit and much much more….

We love what we do. We are students of the game. But more importantly we are students of life and it is our hope that through each and every unique experience we can further our own growth with each and every one of you. 

Meet your Guides  

Peter Hudachko aka The Wizard

Peter is a 5.0 player who has been teaching and playing for over 10 years. Peter was born and raised in SLC, Utah and now lives in Ravensdale, Washington.

Silver and Bronze Medalist in numerous National Tournaments.

Hoka Hey

Brian Ashworth aka The Dragon

Brian is a 5.0 player with 9 years playing/teaching experience. He is originally from Billings, Montana, but now resides in University Place, Washington. Brian has taught with top level pros in places such as Florida, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. He enjoys doing some SickTrx!

US Open Men’s Gold Medalist, USAPA National Medalist, 3x SoCal Men’s Gold Medalist. Canadian National Medalist.

Jemuel Morris aka The Goat

Jemuel is a 5.0 player and a PPR certified pro trainer and coach with 6+ years playing/teaching experience. Jemuel absolutely loves the game of pickleball, but more than that he loves all the beautiful people he gets to meet and connect with along the way.

PPA 5.0 Silver Medalist

- If you have a group, we can set up The Pickleball Experience at a court near you. CONTACT US and let's figure out the logistics.
- Stay tuned for The "Destination" Pickleball Experience, we will be heading out to AMAZING locations to explore, play pickleball and meet more of the amazing pickleball community.
The Pickleball Experience on a Court Near you

That's right we can come to you.

1-3 day Pickleball Experiences. Contact us for your customized clinic for your group.

                    San Juan Island, WA group

What our clients say 

Great experience and well worth the price

This was a very intensive 3 day camp. The instructors Peter, Brian, and Jem were great. They exposed all my weaknesses and gave me the tools to fix them. Looking forward to developing into a better player and to return to a future camp.

- Diane, Olympia, WA
Attentive Pros

This camp was everything I expected and more. The Pros were attentive and met each player at their own ability level. I would recommend this camp to anyone that wants to take their pickleball to the next level, whatever that level may be. 

- Kristy, Independence, OR
5 Star Rating !

Peter, Brian and Jem were kind, patient and encouraging! Had so much fun with my spouse and other participant! Thanks

- Dr. Yagi, BC, Canada
Lovely having you here

It was inspiring to watch you play , and to watch all the aspiring players who have picked up and practiced the skills you espoused. Thank you for coming over to help all of us here on the San Juan Island!We can see what you have done for Orcas.

- Stephanie,  San Juan Island, WA
Awesome instructor

You are an awesome instructor and I value all your tips!

- Mary E.
First Class Program

Excellent instructors with well sequenced drills and activities designed to cover all important aspects of Pickleball. Highly supportive staff, instructors who know the game from a conceptual as well as functional levels, since they routinely participate in national professional tournaments and are serious students of the game. Well worth it. Lots of humor mixed with the work of skill development.

- Micheal, Davis, CA
You should go.

I took an Experience in Roche Harbor and had a blast! Worked hard, laughed hard and learned lots.

- Suzanne, Orcas island,wa
Just want to say thanks Jem, Brian, and Peter for the training/clinics. I’ve gained so much more understanding of the strategy, mechanics and skill with you guys. Can’t wait to have you come back.
- Larry R.

Kona, HI

Mahalo for such a fabulous clinic experience

Fun..informative.. friends…etc..It was awesome and you 3 are a fabulous team!

You and your gang were AMAZING!!It was such a fun experience being with you all and our 2 small clinics were fabulous. We played last night in the ladder and I saw a huge difference in my game. I’m finally ready for a little faster ball.

- Suz

Kona, HI