We're Baaaaack!


We're Happy to be Back Again at the Seattle Metro Classic 2023!

We have 4 days of fun pre tournament prep clinics.

On Friday, join us for a competitive day where you'll have the opportunity to practice your skills and strategies in a friendly but competitive setting. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or looking to gain more confidence in your game, our coaches will guide you through offensive, defensive, and mental skills to help you succeed.

On Saturday and Sunday, we offer our 2 day clinic experience, which focuses on building and improving fundamental skills in a fun and engaging environment. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to sharpen your skills, this program is perfect for players of all levels.

And on Monday, join us for our signature pickleball experience where you'll gain the confidence to play pickleball anywhere on the planet. Our expert coaches will guide you through effective court positioning, defense, and team strategy, with a focus on decision making, swing mechanics, and reading your opponent.

No matter which program you choose, we will provide you with personalized instruction and feedback to help you improve your game. And don't forget to join us for lunch with the coaches to ask questions and get to know your fellow players.




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